Celebrating with Guilt Free

Celebrations are not complete without a feast! Overeating at parties is just inevitable.

However, just because feasts are everywhere doesn’t mean you can use this as an excuse for your eating habits. 

That also doesn’t mean you’ll turn down all kinds of celebrations and feasts.

But what if you can try out something new and guilt-free? 

Check out Guilt Free’s custom menu, which can be served in private catering and corporate events. 

With only 150–350 calories per dish, you and your loved ones can enjoy guilt-free foods and still feel full and satisfied during your special occasions. 

Before you get the idea that guilt-free foods are just boring veggies–Well, you can enjoy your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, burger, kebab, etc., without compromising your diet. 

How is that possible?

It may sound overwhelming, but Guilt Free puts a lot of work on creating recipes that will transform your typical and boring veggies into your favorite food but with low calories. 

That means you can celebrate with your friends and family without being restrictive on your diet–you just have to find creative ways to prepare your guilt-free celebration. 

In your special occasions, let the guilt go for a keto-friendly diet! 

This new year, plan and try something new with your loved ones by trying our vegan and keto-friendly dishes!

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