Guilt Free Choices: Must try Keto foods

New Year, New You!

As the new year begins, you would want to give your taste buds a new experience–foods that can help you manage your weight and improve your overall health without making you feel guilty.

The first step to healthy food choices is knowing what you eat. Going guilt-free in your diet doesn’t always have to be about vegetables.

But, this might be challenging at times since something we may thought to be low in calories may actually have a lot of calories.

Guilt Free food offers a menu that is keto friendly and has low calories. Here are keto burgers you can try!

1. Angus Tenderloin Burger

It has ground tenderloin, gouda, caramelized onion, and bacon sauce. It is also served with air-fried sweet potatoes, and the good news is that it only has 450 calories and 46g of protein.

2. Chicken Burger 

With only 440 calories and 55g of proteins, you can enjoy a chicken thigh with caramelized onion, gouda, and barbeque sauce with air-fried sweet potatoes.

3. Vegetarian Burger. 

The patty is made with vegetables and has gouda, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. It is also served with air-fried potatoes, making it only 366 calories and 26g of proteins. 

Another guilt-free food you can try is Pizza!, in which you can enjoy an amazing keto dough made with just whey protein and egg with no flour or sugars of any kind added.

1. Burrata & Turkey Ham Pizza

The Pizza is topped with pesto, turkey ham, and burrata. It has 386 calories and 53g of protein.

2. Iberico Chorizo & Gouda

For 289 calories and 41 g of protein, you can try a pizza that is topped with tomato sauce, gouda cheese, and Iberico chorizo.

3. Mushroom & Gouda

It has tomato sauce, gouda, and mushrooms, making it only 293 calories and 43g of proteins.

Another crowd favorite when it comes to the keto diet is keto wraps, which you can enjoy a keto tortilla on the go!

1. Braised Burrito 

For only 340 calories with 50g of protein, you can enjoy a braised boneless beef shank, avocado, tomato, jalapeno, lettuce, mozzarella, and yogurt sauce. 

2. Vegetarian Keto Kebab

It includes pickled red cabbage, texturized soy, yogurt sauce, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce. It contains 40g of protein and 224 calories.

3. Chicken Keto Kebab  

It has chicken thigh, cheddar cheese, pickled red cabbage, cucumber, yogurt, Korean paste, lettuce, mixed spices, and tomato. Enjoy them for only 302 calories and 54g of protein.

4. Turkey Ham, Cheese, and Egg 

It is served with turkey ham, mozzarella, cheddar, oregano, and two scrambled eggs. All for only 395 calories with 45g of proteins

Choosing the right foods is important in this new year, and it’s more important than ever to get the right food choices that keep your hunger in check!

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