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The next revolution of food

Delicious and effortless way to keep on shape

What is Guilt Free?

Guilt Free is the next revolution of food: delicious food with a fraction of the calories.

Guilt free is a delicious and effortless way to keep on shape. You can eat Guilt Free and feel full and satisfied with only 150-250 calories. To make it simple, you can eat the same amount of conventional food buy only take in around one fourth of the calories.

How many calories does Guilt Free have compared to conventional food?

You can expect Guilt Free food to have a fourth of the calories than the same conventional dish.

If you want to see all the details you can check our nutritional values:

How is Guilt Free possible?

We replace conventional noodles and rice by Konjac noodles and rice that have almost 0 calories and instead of normal bread we use broccoli bread.

This way, you can enjoy your favorite burgers, noodles and paellas with all the flavor and proteins but without the carbs.

Is Guilt Free vegan?

Yes, Guilt Free is vegan friendly.

We have many vegan dishes in our menu. Our favorites are tomato sauce & basil pasta, vegan pad Thai and vegan burger.

Is Guilt Free keto friendly?

Yes, Guilt Free Keto friendly.

All our food is keto friendly. Our noodles are made 98% of water and 2% of Konjac that is very high in fiber. Our bread is made with just vegetables, pea protein and a little bit of flax seeds.

Our Guilt Free menu

How can I order?

You can also order in Grab. If you cannot find us in Grab it probably means you are further than 10km from our commissary kitchen. You can send us a message to place your order

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