Guilt Free – Your Healthy Treat

“We are the revolution of food; flavourful and nutritious food with a fraction of the calories”

Our kitchen in Uptown BGC is now open 24/7 for delivery

What is Guilt Free?

We like to describe Guilt Free as “the next revolution of food: delicious food with a fraction of the calories”. We design our ‘Guilt Free’ dishes so they match 2 key points; they must taste great and have at least half the calories of ‘conventional’ dishes.

Guilt Free is a delicious and effortless way to keep on shape. You can eat Guilt Free and feel full and satisfied with only 150-350 calories. To make it simple, you can eat the same amount of conventional food but only take in around one fourth of the calories.

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The first step to healthy food choices is knowing what you eat!🍴 

With Guilt Free you can enjoy your favorite snacks with only 150-350 calories.

How many calories does Guilt Free have compared to conventional food?

You can expect Guilt Free food to have a less than half the calories than ‘conventional´food because we never fry anything, we don’t add sugar and we use no flours.

Curious to learn more? We have prepared the detailed macros of each dish for you!

How is Guilt Free possible?

First, we never fry any of our Guilt Free dishes and we never use oils in our recipes.

Second, we never add sugar to any of our dishes and we substitute rice for cauli rice and pasta for Shirataki/Konjac pasta that only has 5 calories per 100 grams!

For the protein, we use lean cuts of organic meat and fish so you can enjoy nutritious and low calorie food that still delicious.

We also give you the option to have your dish with Quinoa. This way, you can adjust your calorie and protein intake according to your diet

Is Guilt Free vegan?

Yes, Guilt Free is vegan friendly.

We have many vegan dishes in our menu. Our favorites vegan dishes are Vegan Grain Bowl.

Is Guilt Free keto friendly?

Yes, Guilt Free is Keto friendly.

Almost all our food is keto friendly. Our Shirataki/Konjac noodles are made 98% of water and 2% of fiber. Our bread is Keto also and we don´t use any flours.

Is Guilt Free gluten free?

Yes, Guilt Free is glute free.

Almost our food is Gluten Free: we do not use any wheat flour or bread in our recipees. Some recipies have soy sauce that has a low quantity of gluten; if you are intolerant to soy sauce let us know and we will replace with Coconut Aminos.

You can subscribe to our meal plans or order your favourite dishes on the spot. We are now open 24/7

Looking to lose weight? We have a 600 and a 800 calorie per day menus that are perfect to lose weight .

We have a KETO mealplan that is only 1,000 calories for 3 dishes per day.

We have a high protein mealplan that contains 1,200 calores for 3 dishes per day.

How to subscribe to a mealplan? Just send us a message and we will take care of the rest! We will coordinate with you for the delivery time and everything else!

Our kitchen in BGC Uptown is now open 24/7 so you can have your Guilt Free dishes any time. Support ordering direct and get a 5% cashback!

We are also available in Grab if that is more convenient for you. If you cannot find us in Grab it probably means you are further than 10km from our store.

Catering and corporate events

Are you looking for a Guit Free catering for a special celebration or for your corporate events?

We have you covered! Reach out to us and we will help you!

We also have special packages for corporate mealplans and menus

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Great food! Lots of keto and low carb options with sacrificing flavor!!!

Ordered via Grab.

I’m a fan!

Michelle M.

Amazing flavor! Will surely order their keto food again.

Placed a scheduled order via GrabFood and our breakfast was prepared early and delivered on time.

Joy Anne A.

I have ordered from them three times and was satisfied on each occasion. The cream and mushroom pasta is very heavy for its serving size, especially when you want to eat less at dinnertime.

Jonny L.

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